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Ways to Lose Weight for Teenagers!

How Teenagers Can Lose Weight !

Is there any easy ways to lose weight for teenagers?

Nothing is so easy in our lives but, a large number of teenage girls and boys have done it, so the response is clearly yes. First off all you need to understand the risque of obesity and after all you have to do is to keep in mind this three factors and to decide to fix them!

1. What you eat reflects in your body!

Always remember this principle: you need foods to stay alive! Of course, if you don’t eat, you gonna die. The opposite also is real. If you eat more than your body needs, all the extra foods will transforms into body fat and you become overweight.
Athletes can eat a lot of foods without becoming overweight. This is because the effort and the exercises they do burns up the food before it turns into extra body fat. If you do exercise and you are physically active it will quit you from getting too big or obese. Instead if you are not so active and you eat more foods than your body needs, your metabolism will change and for sure you will gain more fat than you want!

2. Stop Eating Junk Food to stop getting fat!

Ways to Lose Weight for TeensMany teenagers have no idea how unhealthy and harmful are some foods for our body.If you are overweight for sure you are consuming too many of these unhealthy and fat-causing foods.

Foods with saturated fats in them or with high sugar, are usually the problem foods which cause obesity to teenagers. So, if you are eating  a lot of these, your body wants more of them, so you will put on weight.
These meals include those fried or cooked in fat and oil foods like: fried chicken, hamburgers, chips,and meals that have a high fat and sugar content like: sweets, butter, cream, peanut butter, desserts, and any other sweet cakes! Try these summer healthy foods!

3. Sleep more to look better!

Some awesome studies from June 2009 indicates that getting more sleep may help teenagers to lose weight. Scientists discovered that teenagers who slept less also consumed more caffeine drinks such as coffee, cola, black tea, chocolate, energy drinks, and other caffeine drinks), and spent more time watching tv, browsing the internet, enjoying pc and movie games!

So if this is your lifestyle, its time to modify it. You should start sleeping more to feel better, and it also may help you to lose weight faster!

Tips and ways to lose weight for teenagers!

Look at labels

Sometimes the issue is more in the way people cook foods than in the foods itself. Fish or chicken grilled without crumbed layer or mixture is much better than crumbed or or battered fish and chicken prepared in fat or oil. Boiled and steamed foods are much better than fried foods for overweight teenagers.

People who seem normally slim usually eat foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, low fat, low sugar which can help you to keep the bodyweight off. Check the ingredients of foods and look on labels for the fat (and carbohydrate) content to get an idea of what has plenty and what doesn’t.

Nutritionists recommend that in a whole day you shouldn’t eat foods that will complete more than 30 grams (10 ounces) of fat. That means that at each meal, don’t eat foods with more than 10 grams (3.3 ounces) of fat if you have three meals per day. Watch also the snacks between meals: one pack of potato chips or buttered popcorn may contain the recommended amount of fat for 2 – 3 days.

Eat slowly

Consuming foods rapidly hinders the release of hormones in the gut that induce feelings of being full. This could cause overeating, and putting on weight.
So if you are eating fats try to slow down!

Exercise and exercise!

A good way for teenagers to lose weight is to exercise daily! So, rather than sitting around watching TV or playing computer games, get out and do some physical exercises. Play open-air games, ride a bike, go skating, take swimming lessons, climb a mountain, run up stairs, go walking, play sport, go hiking, time yourself running and try to get faster each day, or do anything active that can help you to get rid of unwanted bodyweight.

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