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Top 9 Extreme and Dangerous Weight Loss Methods!

When it comes to how to shed some extra pounds, even if is not the best option, more and more people choose to follow extreme ways to lose weight!

Let us have a look at some dangerous and extreme weight loss plans.

Dangerous Weight Loss Methods

1. Stomach Stapling

A relatively new technique, Stomach Stapling reduces the size of the stomach so that it becomes a pouch in which just one ounce of food can be held.

This results in immediate loss of weight as the amount of food intake is drastically reduced. But this kind of surgery is highly risky and is generally administered only to the very obese for whom there is no other way out. Those who have this surgery generally suffer from stomach infections.

It is a very extreme way to lose weight. This invasive method of losing weight must only be used if it’s absolutely necessary. Other, safer methods should be tried first.

2. Liposuction

Large number of us have heard of Liposuction. But, though it is freely available, not many of know exactly what this entails. In this method of weight loss, a small incision is made in the body through which a narrow tube is inserted. It is then pulled up and down to destroy the layers of fat.

After the tube sucks up the fat, the process is replicated elsewhere in the body. But, along with the fat, fluid is also lost in this process.

Most people who use this method need a drip. They also get extreme bruising which, however, disappears after a period of 3-4 weeks. The process also leaves scars, which are small, but they should be well hidden.

Liposuction is a very serious surgery. It shouldn’t be booked online, you must visit a specialist and discuss with him the process in detail. Always rely on a well-known surgeon and reputed hospital.

3. Injecting Less Insulin

Injecting oneself with a less amount of insulin is another way to lose weight. This is popular with youngsters who suffer from diabetes. By injecting less insulin, they ensure that their sugar levels stay low, and they remain alive at the same time. When this is done, carbohydrates become indigestible and the fat stored in the body becomes the chief source of energy — which is very dangerous.

The person loses weight far too quickly. Misuse of insulin can drastically reduce your lifespan and cause damage to vital organs like liver, kidneys and bladder. The full amount of insulin is needed to keep the right blood sugar rate.

4. Weight Loss Pills

Weight loss pills have become popular and they do work. But a doctor’s prescription is needed before going ahead. A large number of weight loss pills available in the market are a mixture of stimulants and herbs and are easily accessible to consumers. This leads to addiction. In turn, this leads to high blood pressure, chest pains, dry mouth, palpitations as well as lung diseases.

It is also a big financial burden. Therefore, if you want to pop pills to drop weight, consult your doctor and buy well-known products that have been tried and tested so that you don’t risk your life.

5. Taking Laxatives

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Consuming a large number of laxatives on a regular basis is another method to combat weight. The laxatives work by ejecting food from the body and thus prevent the food from getting well absorbed. This leads to loss of fluid which only makes the user feel thinner.

It is a very foolish way to try and lose weight for, after a short while, it leads to diarrhea, dehydration, vomiting and nausea. In the end it causes complete loss of bowel control and even death. The advice for all who want to try this out is: Don’t even attempt it. It will not do you any good  — rather, it will seriously harm you.

6. Consuming Ipecac Syrup

In the fast-moving and glamorous modeling industry, consuming Ipecac syrup is a famous way to lose weight. This syrup makes you vomit the food you eat. The syrup is manufactured and meant for people who have been accidentally poisoned, After one swallows it, violent and painful vomiting follows.

This is also a foolish way to drop weight. It will help your shed some fat, but on the way it will also lead to irregular heartbeats and even heart attacks. People with eating disorders should avoid this; it could kill. For others, think many times before going for it.

7. Diuretics

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“Water pills” are like laxatives and are sold to people who wish to lose weight. In scientific terms they are called diuretics. Their consumption dehydrates the body and this in turn causes water retention — which will make you look heavier than before! Important body organs may also get damaged on the way — especially your kidneys. It also causes electrolyte imbalance. If your body does retain too much water in a normal way, then you should visit your doctor and talk to him about it. This is much better than having to face the prospect of getting a kidney transplant.

8. Starving Method

Starving is a popular way to try and lose weight. But it is a method which always fails — every time. A few hours after staying from all food, you will feel craving for the same. You may drink water to suppress them, but the cravings will result in serious pain and finally cause you to collapse. So, it’s better to cut down on carbs, only eat vegetables and drink water. But this will not help, for your body needs an all-round diet. Therefore, eat and drink in moderation.

9. Bulimia

Bulimia is an eating problem. Its characteristics are — an eating binge followed by vomiting on purpose. This is also a very dangerous way to lose weight. Vomiting several times a day will cause poor chronic gastric reflux, hypokalemia, oral trauma, peptic ulcers, dehydration and inflammation of the oesophagus. Since it is a stupid and fatal way to lose weight, it should be avoided. Other, much safer ways to drop weight should be adopted.


Thus, it’s best to adopt the most sensible way to lose weight. Take your doctor’s opinion; think of diet and exercise options and talk to your parents and friends about your intentions. Finally, the method you choose must be healthy and sensible. In a bid to lose weight, make sure you don’t lose your life!

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