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Tips For Losing Belly Fat After Pregnancy

It is quite common for many women to gain weight during pregnancy and this tends to continue even after birth. This leads them to an unhealthy life and exposes them to higher risk of various diseases.

Losing Belly Fat after Pregnancy

Tips For Losing Belly Fat After Pregnancy

So it is very important to get back into shape as early as possible and towards this objective regular exercise can provide you with the energy to take care of your health and also take good care of the new born baby.

Most of the exercises for losing weight after child birth are very safe but should be done only when the body has fully healed from childbirth. It is always better to take the concurrence of the doctor before going in for such weight loss exercises after childbirth.

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Tip 1

The first step should be to visit a family physician or gynecologist or obstetrician to find out whether your body has fully healed and is ready for exercising. Most doctors would recommend a resting period of 6 to 8 weeks after child birth before you can start exercising.

Tip 2

The next step is to begin with easy exercises and opt for less strenuous physical activities. Walking and swimming are some good examples. You should start with a five minute to 10 minute walk and increase it gradually till you are able to do a 30 minute walk without difficulty.

Tip 3

Sparing time for at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity five or more days a week is very important. As mentioned above swimming, walking, running, bicycling and hiking are perfect examples of healthy and safe aerobic exercises.

Tip 4

Tightening your stomach with the help of a bridge pose is a good exercise. Let us see how this exercise is done. You must lie flat on your back and look toward the ceiling. Bend your knees in such a way that you feet is flat on the floor. Pulling your abdominal muscles to your spinal cord you should lift your hips off the floor. You should continue pushing till they are in line with your knees and shoulders. Your arms should be left straight along both your sides for leveraging. You must hold for 10 minutes before releasing. Try and repeat at least 20 times.

Tip 5

Pelvic tilts are also very useful to flatten abdominal muscles. Bend your knees as you lie flat on the floor. Your abdominal muscles should be tight as you bring your hips slightly up which will make the entire spinal cord rest on the floor. After holding for 10 seconds you should release and repeat the same for 20 times.


Two days of resistance training which will target each and every major muscle groups such as legs, arms, abdominals, shoulders and back are also good to lose weight and flatten belly after child birth. Joining post natal aerobic and yoga classes are also useful.

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