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Testosterone And Obesity In Men

Obesity In Men

There are more and more evidences and studies to suggest that testosterone replacement has a big role to play in promoting weight loss in elderly men who suffer from the problem of obesity. These groups of men who have low levels of testosterone are often victims of obesity which may be difficult to control through conventional methods of dieting and exercising.

Obesity in MenHowever, before going in for such methods of weight control and weight reduction, the safety aspect and the efficacy aspect of the same has to be always kept in mind.

The studies that have been conducted so far are not enough and therefore more studies and research needs to be conducted. The basic concept of using testosterone therapy as a means to treat overweight problems came to mind when researchers were targeting elder people who complained of erectile dysfunction and other such related problems.

A group of such people was given higher dosage of testosterone with the main objective of managing weight loss and obesity problems. The findings of this treatment were presented to the 19th European Congress on Obesity and the results are quite encouraging to say the least.

The patients who were treated with testosterone for long periods of time have reportedly lost more than 13.6 kilograms or 30 pounds when they were under study and observation after being subjected to such treatment. Further these patients also showed significant reduction in their levels of blood glucose, blood pressure and they also had reduced levels of LDL or bad cholesterol.

The best part is that this study was not conducted with the main purpose of managing over weight problems. It was more of an incidental finding which certainly has taken the medical fraternity by surprise. However, certain very clear facts have emerged from these studies and it would be worthwhile to share the same over the next few lines.

First and foremost there is very strong evidence to suggest that low testosterone levels are something very common in people who are obese or overweight. Further, such patients after treatment with testosterone replacement procedures have shown dramatic reduction in weight and they also become more active and healthy.

A total of around 214 men went through this study continuously for a period of two years and around 50% of these men continued with this treatment for a further period of three years. All the men who went through this process received long-acting testosterone doses which were injected. The dosage was two such injections in the first six weeks of treatment.

This was followed by another three month period of such injections or till such time they remained in the study. The men who opted for the longest periods of treatment were the one who lost the most weight. They saw dramatic reductions in their waist circumference and also their BMI (body mass index). To cite some examples, after five years of treatment with testosterone replacement therapy, the average loss of weight was around 2.5 stone or around 16 kilograms. The waist circumference also dropped from 42 inches to 38 inches. The more dramatic result was the significantly reduced levels of blood pressure, triglycerides, blood sugar and LDL cholesterol.

However, while all this indeed is great news, the fact of the matter is that it is still very early days to accept it as a safe and fool proof methods of weight reduction. Lot more research and trials needs to be done and the safety factor of such testosterone therapy needs to be established beyond doubt.

This is something that will not happen overnight and more time and effort is needed. But there is no denying the fact that this indeed is a very good beginning and it can be a good and safe weight loss strategy which give lot of hope to millions of men across the world who suffer from varying degrees of obesity and overweight problems.

So a careful analysis of the costs and benefits needs to be done before we can actually say that it is a treatment that is both safe and effective. There also have been many instances of patients who have also exhibited symptoms of various types of cardiovascular disease when they were in such replacement therapy. We need to find out whether there is a link with such cardiovascular diseases and testosterone replacement therapy. Hence, using it in a large scale is still quite some years or decade away.

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