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Six Tips For Successful Weight-Lifting Workouts

Weight Lifting Workouts

It looks quite simple when one asks you to lift a couple of tins of beans or its equivalent few times a week and thereby change your body and more so your life. That is how simple the art of weight training is and which is gaining a lot of popularity today. This training was once only restricted to body builders and today it is being practiced by every average bloke who wants to lose a few pounds and get in a decent physique. Even women today who are looking out to strengthen their bones and muscles are practicing this sport.

Weight-Lifting WorkoutsBone density in women decreases with age and weight lifting apart from helping you look better also plays a huge role in improving the quality of life you lead. This is because it quite evidently increases bone density. The biggest advantage of weight lifting is that it incinerates calories even hours after you stop unlike other exercises which burn calories only when you work out.

Thus it proves to be an effective weight loss method. The metabolic activity of the body increases for the entire day as the body seems to be involved in a repair process after you have stopped working out. However there is a lot more about weight lifting than just lifting and moving those tins of beans and to help you understand more about this training module here are six successful steps on how you can start a weight lifting workout and meet your goals by sticking to it.

1. Define your goals

The first rule to weight lifting is defining your goals. Having a realistic goal in mind is necessary because it keeps you away from overdoing the exercise. Increasing weight in small steps is the basic idea behind successful weight lifting and keeping short term goals can help a person make things look easy. Setting achievable goals can help a person stay away from discouragement and also helps keep injuries at bay.

2. Choose the right equipment

The second rule is to choose the right equipment. When one talks about this rule people misunderstand it with the quality and cost of the equipment. You have to know that irrespective of what machine you purchase the ultimate aim is to challenge your muscles. Even when you are on a tight budget you can do the same amount of workout that you are accustomed to without having to spend a lot of money.

Irrespective of what equipment you use looking for a size that allows easily 12-16 repetitions is recommended. If you are unable to do that then the equipment is too heavy. You have to be quite certain about the amount of resistance that is required. If with particular heavy equipment you are able to perform 15 repetitions with good energy levels then it is time you moved forward to something heavier.

3. Don’t try things on your own

The third rule which is quite essential for beginners is not to try things on your own. When you are exercising it is necessary to understand how to do them. It is not which exercise you are into but it is the method that you have employed to do that particular exercise. Having a personal trainer is always recommended particularly if you are a beginner as it helps the training program moving in the right direction.

Having someone who can oversee you and help you achieve the right posture and correct form is important especially if you are working with dumbbells. Strength training machines can again be a great help if you are not comfortable with dumbbells because they force you into the right position during the exercise. But even here an assistant can prove to be handy as he or she can help adjust the machine to the right weight and size. You can also make use of pictures that show the proper posture that one needs to maintain during the starting and the ending positions of the training. It is always worth spending a few hours in the beginning learning the technique and form that is required for successful weight training sessions.

4. Slow rule

The fourth training rule is learning the power of being slow. You can even consider slow to be because it is very important to ensure your being a good weight lifter. With due patience one can easily understand the movement of the various muscles in the body and how one has to control the movement while lifting and lowering. Moving too quickly and breathing quickly can make a person feel weak within a few moments and hence it is always recommended that the training is done slowly with controlled breathing.

Another reason why slow movements are recommended is because as a beginner you are using muscles that you have never used. This results in shocking the system all of a sudden. Thus slow movements can help your system realize where the pressure is built. Also starting slow reduces muscle pain that you will experience during the start of a weight training session.

5. Rest and recover

The fifth rule of the weight training is to rest and recover. It is quite essential to rest and allow the body to recover from the hard workout that you have made it go through. Understanding this can help a person become a successful weight lifting trainee.

When your muscle is stressed with weight the muscle fiber is torn and this is the main requirement for the building of muscles. While the tearing of muscles seem to be the key to building muscles it is in fact the next 48 hours that determine the growth. Every time the muscle is allowed to get its fiber to come together it makes the muscle stronger and much ready for further training.

6. Eat well

The sixth rule is to eat well and build up. You to supply enough calories to compensate the ones that you have burnt. Also staying nutritious and providing the body with the necessary amount of proteins has to be considered an essential and inevitable part of weight training workout.

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Thus one can without doubt say that following these six steps can ensure the best weight training workout and is a must when you are starting as a beginner.

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