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Mediterranean Diet – Can it Work to Help You Lose Weight?

The Mediterranean is a much-preferred travel destination, blessed with fields full of sunflowers, long coastlines and stunning scenery. But scientists are now starting to recognize another kind of usefulness of this section of our world for a completely new reason — the diet of the inhabitants of this region.

Weight Loss - Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean Diet – Can it Work

Lots of studies have substantiated the fact that a Mediterranean kind of diet, that is, food lifestyle that is rich in whole grains, has plenty of fruits and vegetables along with olives, is healthy for the heart and also for a person’s general well being.

Two health writers have combined their resources to pen a book that spells out the many reasons why, if you eat like the Greeks, Italians, French and other people living in these countries, it can do a great deal of good to your long-period health, and could also help you lose some pounds along the way.

Undoubtedly, the citizens in the rural parts of the Mediterranean follow a healthy lifestyle. They put lot of emphasis on plant food when they eat and follow a regularly active life. This lifestyle can perhaps help one to lose weight also.

A Mediterranean style of eating does not mean that you can count your caloric intake; the plan is to handle food in the manner the Mediterranean people do. It’s not only about the best kinds of foods that you must eat, but the manner in which you should eat them.

This means you slow down and enjoy your food. Say no to gyros and cheeses that are high in fat, or fettuccini. The focus must be on rural or the kind of food that the peasants eat. You will like to adopt an eating pattern that includes plenty of fruits, whole grains, vegetables, a little seafood and fats that are good for health like olive oil and avocados and some nuts.

The Mediterranean diet is divided into four broad strategies:

  • Savor your food;
  • Look at those portion sizes;
  • Consume plenty of water;
  • Exercise, take adequate rest and don’t forget to relax.

Foods You May Eat:

  • Include in your diet fresh products along with whole grains and use just a little bit of animal products that are high in fats, which include dairy and meats. Additionally, dieters may look at the broad-based instructions on the amount of food and the types of food that constitute Mediterranean diet.
  • Meat is consumed just a few times every month.
  • Fruit is the ideal dessert and olive is the preferred oil, but it must be used carefully for it is high-caloric oil.

For people who require specific amounts, a food plan lists the sizes of the servings for a large group of foods. One portion of vegetables could be half a cup plus three vegetable servings that are encouraged in one day.

Mediterranean Diet Foods

Will you Lose Weight?

This is not known.  A brief university study has suggested a plan to lose weight that’s based on the Mediterranean diet, which, as it keeps a check on the calories, could gratify dieters more.

When the researchers split dieters into two segments — one on a 1,200-calorie plan that was low-fat (20%) too, and the second on a similar diet but containing more doses of Mediterranean-style fat (35% ), the latter group could keep off the weight and said they felt more gratified about their diets.

You should keep in mind that a Mediterranean diet contains really good foods which deserves to be included into your daily lifestyle!

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