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Liquid Diets – Do They Help Lose Weight?

Liquid Diets – What is it about?

There is no doubt that going in for liquid diets certainly let you have a control on your total calorie intake. You could either go in for a complete liquid diet or a partial one. However, the actual performance of these liquid diets varies from product to product. There are some liquid diet plans which are totally based on fluids.

They are either fruit or vegetable based juices or shakes. They are used to replace the main meals and are taken three to four times daily. You can go in for these liquid only diets by going in for the over the counter diet plans or could have it done with the help of a doctor prescribed liquid diet plan.

While what has been mentioned above is an all-liquid diet plan, there are also some other types of liquid diets. These diets replace one or two meals with liquid diets and you are allowed to take some solid meals in between.

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How Efficacy are Liquid Diets?

Weight Loss Liquid DitesNow the question that arises in most of our minds is the efficacy and effectiveness of these liquid diets, either full or partial. It is a fact that by going in for liquid diets, you are reducing the number of calories that you take in.

The simple logic is that if you consume lesser calories than what you actually burn off you will certainly lose weight. But you have to keep in mind that such weight loss which is centered totally round cutting down on calorie intake may be short lived.

We must be aware of the fact that when we reduce the calorie intake suddenly and drastically, the body slows down the metabolism rate and starts to conserve energy.

The moment you do way with these liquid diets and go back to your old diet, you are sure to start putting weight once again. Hence, this could at best be described as a temporary solution to a permanent problem. However, it would be wrong to write off liquid diets totally.

There are some well planned liquid diets which worm well over a long term basis. Such liquid diets should contain a healthy balance of liquid diets and solid foods, which can be sustained and practiced for a long period of time.

There are some schools of thought who feel that liquid diets help cleanse the body of toxin. However, as of now there is no concrete evidence to prove this fact. The body which is a very sophisticated machine has its own way of excreting toxins through liver, kidney and through the sweating process.

Liquid Diets are Safe?

The next important thing is to find out whether these liquid diets are safe on the human body. We should keep in mind that diets that are very low on calories (around 400 to 800 calories a day) should be carefully implemented and only under the close observation and supervision of your doctor.

When you miss you on vital nutrients because of low calorie intake, you could suffer from fatigue, hair loss, gallstones, dizziness, and intolerance to cold, imbalance in electrolytes and even damage to heart in severe cases. Lack of fiber in your diet can also cause digestive ailments and be the reason for mild to sever constipation.

However for some specific medical or surgical procedures, doctors may put you on a liquid diet but only for a day or two. These procedures could include colonoscopy and other such emergencies. In such situations the intestines should be free of food particles and hence doctors recommend only liquid diet till such time these tests are conducted. It is not very uncommon to see doctors putting patients on liquid diet after surgeries.

This is done basically to bring the intestines and digestive systems back on track after such surgeries. Fruit juices, fruit gels and other such liquid and semi-liquid diets are classified under liquid diets.

Further it would be pertinent to point out that patients who are about to go in for weight reduction surgery often are put on liquid diets. This is done to bring the weight to a safer level before conducting such surgeries.

The type of liquid that should be given is strictly decided by the doctors and other medical professionals. There are also some studies to suggest that liquid diet can help patients suffering from Crohn’s disease which results in the inflammation of the intestinal tract. When patients are put on liquid diet this helps in resting the intestines and digestive system and prevents the flare up of symptoms associated with Crohn’s disease.

Some research suggests that liquid diets might help people with certain health conditions. For example, there is evidence that patients with Crohn’s disease, which causes inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, can benefit from a high-calorie liquid diet. By giving the intestines a much-needed rest, a liquid diet can help suppress the symptoms of Crohn’s disease.


However, while you are on a liquid diet it is very important for you to take your doctor’s advice and go in for a diet that will not make you weak and tired. Further, the diet should be designed in such a way that it is easy for you to transform to the natural diet without much of a problem.

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