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Is Safflower Oil Good for Weight Loss?

There is no denying the fact that we have a major health problem in our country. Many of us are overweight and quite a few of us are obese. Getting access to the right weight loss regimen or program is not easy to say the least.

Is Safflower Oil Good for Weight Loss?

Weight loss is manifested in many ways and accumulation of fat around the abdominal area is the most common sight in thousands of overweight and obese people. The problem gets compounded when the fat accumulates around our organs, which also are referred to as visceral fat. This leads to various other problems such as resistance to insulin, inflammation and increased deposit of fat in these areas.

Safflower OilThis compounds the risk of heart diseases, renal problems and also puts us at risk for different types of cancer.  It was therefore not very surprising when people came to know about the so-called magical properties of safflower oil as far as effective weight management is concerned. Read also if Coconut Oil is Good for Weight Loss?

Should I Start Taking Safflower Oil Products for Weight Loss?

The common question that is being asked by thousands of overweight and obese people is “Should we switch over to safflower oil as a means to reduce calories and weight?”  The answer to this question is a firm “NO” and the reasons for the same are described over the next few lines.

The simple reason is that the tall claims being made about safflower oil is based on very little or scanty research and the results of even these few research findings are very weak and not reliable to say the least.

We have to bear in mind the fact that good research costs lot of money, time, effort and total commitment and dedication. Some research findings take years to complete. So it would be wrong to start on the premise that safflower oil is the best solution for getting rid of those extra pounds of fat around your abdomen and other areas.

The studies conducted so far tried to find out the effects of taking CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and safflower oil separately for a period of 16 weeks. Those who took safflower oil during the above trial period reported significant loss of weight in the abdomen compared with those who were taking CLA.

However the problem is because of the fact that the number of dropouts of people who were on the safflower diet was quite high and hence the sample size was too low to draw comfort. Further comparing safflower oil with CLA may not be right given the fact that CLA is reported to increase insulin resistance.

Further we have to keep in mind the basic diets that we consume on a regular basis apart from safflower oil. We seldom add sufficient quantities of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in our diets which are very important components for managing weight. Omega-6 by the way is found in cold water fish, vegetable oils and it is considered important to add them in our diet.

However there are a number of people who question the need to go in for Omega-6 as a dietary supplement when it is available in the right quantities in the normal diet that we take in each day.

Though there are some intriguing and thought provoking articles from experts which should be respected for its effort and content as far as the benefits associated with the intake of safflower oil. But totally depending on it and doing away with other modes of weight management may not be the prudent thing to do.


While it may be wrong to write off the positive effects of safflower oil right away, some more studies and research is needed before we can reach some fool proof conclusion.

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