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Is Coconut Oil Good for Weight Loss?

It is a known fact that coconut oil is rich is fat content but ironically this fat itself can supposedly be helpful in reducing weight. However, this is a fact that remains almost entirely on paper and there are very little clinical trials and research findings to back up this theory.

 Is Coconut Oil Good for Weight Loss?

Whatever little tests that have been done of the various types of fatty acids available in cotton have thrown up very confusing and mixed results. Read also about how does Caffeine Help with Weight Loss?

Coconut OilWhat is Coconut Oil and How it Helps?

Coconut oil as we all know is made from the dried fruit of the coconut tree. It contains mostly of a certain type of fatty acid that is saturated in nature. On tablespoon of coconut oil contains 13.6 grams of fat and adds 117 calories to our body.

In spite of being so rich in saturated fatty acids there are many who believe that it has very good weight loss properties and it is known to increase metabolism and make you feel more energetic. It also makes you feel full and is also known to improve thyroid function.

There are many who believe that the fatty acid present in coconut oil is healthy and has positive effect on the human body which helps in burning fat and converting it into energy.

There are many coconut diets which stipulate in the users going in for 3 tablespoons of pure coconut oil each and every day.

They recommend that coconut oil should be substituted for other oils which are used normally for baking and cooking. There are many proponents of coconut oil who recommend reduction of carbohydrate intake while on a coconut oil diet. There is another school of thought which recommended gradual restriction of carbohydrate intake.


We have to bear in mind that coconut oil has more saturated fatty acids than lard and butter and hence we have to exercise care and caution before going in for pure coconut oil diet. It may work as a short term diet without causing any harm to your health. However, on a long term basis it has very little proven track record as far as weight management is concerned.

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