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How to Find The Best Diet Plan?

Best Diet Plan

There are so many diet plans available today in the market that at times it becomes a difficult and challenging task for you to identify the right plan that fits your needs and requirements perfectly.  The best way to go forward is to take the advice and counsel of experts who have the experience and expertise in giving the right tips that could work for almost 65% of people who have a plan to follow the right diet program.

The simple answer that all such experts give is to stick on to a plan that can be continued long term or till such time you reach the objectives of such a diet plan. There could many scientifically designed and fool proof diet plans. However, at the end of the day you would do better to follow a diet plan that allows you to practice it for the entire length of the plan. Hence, you should choose a plan that you can follow, not something you should follow.

Diet Plan TipsEven if you come across diet plans that can be followed by you, it is not very sure whether such plans are scientifically designed. The most popular diets programs are the ones which promise the fastest results that are painless and least troublesome. However, such popular diet plans may look good on paper but are not sustainable on a long term basis. Weight that is lost rapidly is usually a mixture of water, a small amount of fat and muscles.

On the contrary a good diet plan should be one which allows for major loss of fat. If you follow these popular get-thin-fast sorts of diet plans, more often than note you end up gaining weight instead of losing them.

The problem with such diet plans is that you fall into what is called a yo-yo syndrome whereby you lose weight only to gain it back with double the vigor. The end result of such weight loss programs is that you end up lowering your body metabolism and end up being heavier than what you were at the beginning of the diet plan.

Many people fail to understand the basic truth behind all diet plans. Weight loss is nothing but calories in subtracted by calories out which should equal weight loss, maintenance or even weight gain. To put in ordinary language, any diet plan should program you to eat fewer calories and also allow you to be more active. Any other diet plan such as creams, cleanses and supplements are simple gimmicks and they do not work long term, unless the above truth is taken into account.

Any good and sustainable diet and weight reduction plan should be healthy and should include exercise and should also allow the person to eat a variety of food from all the food groups. Such programs should have been created by a registered dietician or nutritionist. Instead of showing dramatic results it should promote weight loss that is slow and steady. It should also allow control of various portions apart from permitting you to eat snacks between meals.

  • It should not be a diet plan that is too heavily dependent on supplements. It should be able to satisfy your taste buds and allow you to eat small portions of your favorite beverages and foods. It should also have a strong maintenance plan sustainable over a long term period. It should be a diet plan that that recommended drinking of plenty of water. If you have all the above components, then you can be certain that it is a diet plan that is well structured, result oriented and sustainable over a long period of time. It should be a diet plan that suits your particular life style without overlooking the main objective of such diet plan.

The major problem with many of the diet plans is that it leaves you feeling hungry and hence you are tempted to go in for binge eating which defeats the very purpose of such diet plans. It is always preferable to go in for diet plans that are rich in water and fibers, vegetables and fruits. These foods help you to fill up your stomach and reduce hunger pangs which are so common and uncontrollable for many of us.  You should look into the following factors before you go in for any diet plan when your overall long term goal is to reduce weight.

You should first find out a safe weight loss plan that suits to your life style. If you have a plan which asks you to eat six meals when you do not have time even for two, then chances are that you will give up such a plan sooner than later. It should be a diet plan that adjusts well with your social life.

  • Further it is always better to go for a diet that is family friendly which can easily be followed and implemented in your family. It is better to avoid diet plans that require special cooking and preparation. It should also be able to match the exercise levels that you have in mind. There is no point following a diet plan that recommends being at the gym for hours to a person who basically leads a sedentary lifestyle.  It should come with an exercise component that is easy and sustainable but at the same time is able to burn off excess calories.
  • Your exercise program should be doable and enjoyable. You should have a diet plan that is doable for the entire life of a person. It should also have foods that are easy to prepare and food items that are within your reach and affordability. You should have a diet program that allows gradual loss of weight instead of rapid and dramatic loss. Such dramatic weight loss programs generally are more of fluid loss than anything else.
  • You should also look at weight management and diet plans that does not increase your craving for food. It should allow you to break free from the bad eating habits that many of us suffer from. It should also allow you the liberty of tasting those ‘favorite’ foods of yours once in a while.  It should allow for slow gradual changes to food and lifestyle habits. It should contain very little or no supplements and detox formulas. Last but not the least you should go in for a diet plan that is flexible rather than being very structured and rigid.

Remember that is important to carefully analyze and closely examine the diet plans and ensure that you choose the one that meets your requirements in terms of lifestyle, adaptability, flexibility, family and other such real life situations.

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