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How Do you Drop Body Fat Quickly & Safe?

How Much Fat Do You Need?

Have you ever checked on the food that you are consuming daily?

Drop the Fat FastDo you have an idea about the high calorie fatty foods that you are dumping body with?

Tip 1

The best way to go about getting answers to these questions is to have a look at the nutrition facts on the food packages that are you are eating.

How Do you Drop Body Fat Quickly & Safe?

Making a record of the same and logging it in a notebook will certainly give you a reasonable good idea about the amount of calories that you are consuming. This will help you to analyze as to when you are going wrong and when you need to review your food and diet habits and take corrective steps.

The problem with almost all of us is that we most often try and pamper out taste buds without actually bothering whether such pampering is good for our health or otherwise. This leads to weight gain and a host of problems which follows it including obesity.

In today’s world where time is a problem, many of us prefer eating fast foods rather than spending hours together in the kitchen. Convenience forces us to go for such unhealthy foods which lead to obesity and other related problems.

Tip 2

Hence it is very important to have a look at the type and calorie count of the food that that we are putting in our stomach. By keeping a close watch on the nutritional value of such foods we will be able to segregate those foods which add to our unhealthy calorie count.

This will eventually lead to reduction of taking those food items and replacing it with healthier and even tasty foods. You should be aware of the fact that there are around 3500 calories in a pound of fat and if we wish to lose one pound each week, you should find ways and means to cut 500 calories off your diet.

Just by eating 3000 calories a day instead of 3500 calories you could lose one pound each week.

You can do this either by replacing the unhealthy meals with healthier ones or getting into the habit of exercise each day. If you combine your reduction of calories by 500 units a day with some moderate exercise of 45 minutes per day, you could shed your body of another 500 calories each day. Simple cardio training exercises can do the job for you, but it should be complemented by reduction in intake of unhealthy exercises.

Doing these two things alone could lead to your reducing 2lbs each week which indeed is a good achievement. You certainly will feel much better physically and mentally.

Tip 3

Sweating during your training helps your heart to get back to shape and your body also get a much needed total workout. This certainly will lead to a healthier lifestyle. It is a known fact that good food habits with good exercise regimen can indeed work wonders when it is about reducing those extra inches of flat and flab around your body. You certainly feel much more confident and your friends and relatives will also admire and respect your new found zeal to have a fitter body and mind.

Tip 4

Though there a number of crash diet options available in the market which promise the moon, more often than not such highly publicized crash-diet options ends up in disaster and become very counter productive to say the least. You start experiencing hunger pangs. This leads your body to start eating from your muscle tissue. Eventually you start to get into the habit of binge eating which leads to serious eating disorders which may become very difficult to repair.

Tip 5

Experience and time tested techniques have proved beyond doubt that incorporating the habit of good habits coupled with exercising is the best way to have a body that has the right kind of weight and structure. The problem with most of us is that we think that we know everything about our food habits and exercise. They read a lot of books and gather the required information but they seldom put such information into action.

Discipline is very important and unless this is practised by us we cannot resist the temptation of getting into eating of unhealthy food. Motivation and positive attitude should be cultivated to help us move into the right space that we have set for ourselves as far as our body and weight are concerned.

Tip 6

While information and an affirmation by uttering the words “I can do it” is important, nothing will change in the ground unless the first steps are taken by us. It calls for a strong commitment from our side and especially when it comes to exercising and moving out with the exercise track calls for a big changing of attitude supported by a lot of commitment. Staying there and being prepared for the long haul is also very important. Results may not be forthcoming in the first few days and hence we should learn to be patient and be prepared to give it the long rope for seeing the right kind of results.

Doing this regularly and diligently over the first few weeks will help your mind to become tuned to it and once the mind is in tune, body will also fall in place automatically. It will also increase your levels of self confidence and self discipline and you will reach a positive attitude and will ignore the various temptations which may try to move you away from the final objective.

Tip 7

Setting small but achievable goals is the first step towards maintaining a good body free from overweight and obesity problems. You should start slowly but steadily and move up the latter step by step instead of trying to lose 10 lbs on the tread mill. This kind of do-it-in-a-day approach will prove more counter productive than anything else.


The problem with starting the process hastily is that you could run an injury. Once this happens this will pull down your confidence and belief levels as far as these exercises and workouts are concerned. This should be avoided and the best way is to develop a plan of action that is gradual in nature and sustainable over a period of time.

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