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Grapefruit Juice for Losing Weight!

For many decades grapefruit has been used as a healthy diet for losing weight. There are many variants as far as using grapefruit as diet is concerned. While there are people who consume one grapefruit with each meal, there are others who believe in consuming grapefruit in the form of juice (one glass with each meal).

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Grapefruit Juice for Losing Weight!

The reason why grapefruit is considered a good weight loss product is because of the fact that it has enzyme which helps in burning of fat which eventually could help in getting rid of excess calories.

It was not until 2009 when it was found that there is a flavanoid element in grapefruit which has some stunning weight loss properties.

Study About Grapefruit

This fact has been the result of a study performed by Murray Huff of the University of Ontario. He put to test the affect of flavonoids on mice. Mice were fed with food rich in sugar and lard.

He than fed them with grapefruit containing the fat burning substance flavanoid. The mice totally got rid of the excess weight they had gained from consuming lard and sugar. This study was published in the journal “Diabetes” in the year 2009.

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Grapefruit Juice Calories

However, if you have to go by calculations based on the test done on mice and replicate it on human beings, it would require each individual to drink around 6 to 8 glasses of grapefruit each day to get the required amount of flavanoid in the body.

However, this may look impractical because drinking 8 cups of grapefruit would be equivalent to consuming 768 calorie because each cup equals to around 96 calories. According to recommendations by diet specialists, any woman who is serious about losing excess weight should restrict her total daily calorie intake to around 1,500 calories. So consuming half of the calorie by way of grapefruit juice would not only be logical but would also deprive the body of other vital nutrients.

Negative Calories

According to some magazines and books, grapefruit contains fewer calories than what you actually burn. Hence there always exists what is known as “calorie deficit”. However, there is another school of thought which disagrees with this theory.

According to them a medium sized grapefruit contains around 82 calories which is roughly 14 calories less than a glass of grapefruit juice. Hence, having grapefruit juice does not create any calorie deficit as per their theory.

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There is a word of caution when you are using grapefruit with medications. You should check with your doctor and find out whether it is safe to go in for grapefruit when you are on certain medications. Taking this fruit in combination with antihistamines, sedatives, statins and birth control pills could be dangerous and cause severe side effects, including heart attacks and strokes.

There has been a case where a woman who was on birth control pills also was on a grape fruit diet. This resulted in a clot in her leg which snowballed into a major problem. Eventually her leg had to be amputated.

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