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Fat Loss System for Food Lovers

This plan to lose weight is called a no-diet one and is aimed at those who enjoy their food. It is a comparatively simple one that focuses on combining the correct foods and eating at intervals of a few hours.

Fat Loss System for Food Lovers

Here dieters come to know about fast carbs — and slow ones — and how to combine them with thin protein and good fats. People opting for this diet can hope to shed up to 3 pounds a week, depending on what their weight was at the beginning of the program.

Fat Loss SystemThe basis of this diet is like similar ones in that they promote eating lots of vegetables that are non-starchy, fruit, dairy products that are low in fat, full grains, lean proteins, and good fats that must be eaten in prescribed portions and blends. The diet can be changed to suit vegetarians. It is good for both diabetes and for the heart.

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How This Diet Plan Works

The secret of this plan is managing the carbs and consuming them along with proteins to nullify the effects they have on sugar in the blood and on insulin. The plan, which incorporates eating the correct combo of protein and certain carbs, is devised to give dieters a lesson on how to combine their food so as to increase metabolism which aids in fat-burning. Fast carbs turn into sugar quickly and raise levels of insulin. Metabolism of chosen slow carbs is slow and does not
lift the levels of either sugar or insulin.

Daily, the plan will show a simple eating procedure to help dieters build up healthy lifestyle routines that in turn help losing weight in the long run. These habits include maintaining a log of the food eaten, the exercise done and water drunk; consuming your breakfast, keeping control of sodium intake, selecting the good fats, imbibing plenty of water, finding a friend, increasing fiber intake and getting sufficient periods of sleep, among others.

Dieters are allowed three meals plus snacks at 2-3 hours intervals with commended foods in correct portions. Most meals will have some 15 grams protein and 30 grams carbs. The number of calories may differ but they are at least 1,200 for females and 1,500 for males.

Dieters are told to swallow 12 8-ounce glasses of water a day and, additionally, 8 ounces for every 20-minute workout.

Protein is at the heart of the plan for fat loss, plus fast and slow carbs and discretionary healthy fats. The calories or grams of fats are not counted — the portions are kept in control. You can select from three types of the plan. The first includes one portion protein and one portion each of fast and slow carbs. (Spaghetti, a small salad along with meatballs) In the second type, one part protein plus three portions slow carbs (Chicken grilled along with entree salad). The third
kind has one portion of protein and one of fast carb (like a sandwich made of turkey flesh). One tablespoon of good fat may be had per meal, if it’s lean protein and fast carbs that are low in fat.

For the initial five days, snacks will consist of either one part of a whole food like an apple or any food that contains less than or equal to 150-250 calories. Fast snacks which can be eaten from Day 6 must also have a minimum of 7 grams protein.

Recommended Foods for a Healthy Weight Loss Diet:

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  • Thin proteins like tenderloin pork, very lean pounded beef, sirloin steak, poultry breast without skin, fish, dairy food low in fat and eggs.
  • Fast carbs will include pasta and potatoes; English muffins and couscous; bagels and rolls; grapes and blueberries; cherries, dried fruits and apples.
  • On the slow carbs list are carrots and artichokes; tomatoes and green beans; peppers, zucchini and broccoli; squash, eggplant and asparagus; strawberries, legumes, and raspberries; limes, blackberries and lemons.
  • You may opt for free carbs like bok choi and sprouts; cabbage, cucumbers and onions; cauliflower, chili peppers and celery; lettuce, spinach and mushrooms and radishes.
  • The fats include butter, cream cheese and peanut butter; bacon and sausage; mayonnaise, cheese, simple salad dressing and nuts and seeds.
  • Coffee, club soda, diet drinks and tea may be had.

Foods That Should Not Be Eaten

Foods that should not be eaten in this diet, because, as per the plan, they may slow down the
metabolism process:

  • flours that are enriched, or which are white or those which are bleached;
  • most kinds of foods that are processed;
  • alcohol; soda;
  • oils that are slightly hydrogenated;
  • saturated and trans fats;
  • corn syrup containing high level of fructose plus other sugars;
  • foods that have lot of sodium.

A multivitamin once-a-day may be required to make up for shortfalls in nutrients. The plan also suggests, but does not make mandatory, some supplements to lose fat. They include the fatty acid omega-3, protein powder and flaxseed. These supplements, however, do not raise the metabolism to the optimum level and does not lead to loss of fat.

The plan is a healthy-calorie one where portions are controlled. The emphasis is on consuming thin protein, carbs and fats that are healthy. Dieters can be heartened by the fact that they know they are allowed to savor their favorite dishes — even if it is in small amounts.

Though the plan looks balanced and is sustainable in the long term, it may lack some vital nutrients. Calcium and magnesium, along with vitamin D are missing in this diet.


It’s a challenging task to lose weight. But if you educate yourself how to select the correct foods and consume them on a regular basis, losing weight could be simpler. You must also eat in correct measures in order to stay satisfied so that the hunger that eats you away won’t take you off your diet track.

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