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Does Jogging Help You Lose Weight?

There are a number of aerobic and cardiac exercises that can help you in your weight loss objective and jogging is an important component. When you are going through any physical activity or exertion, your body burns down fat and carbohydrates and converts it into energy to perform such tasks. This process helps in the burning of calories. If you are serious about losing around 1 to 2 lbs per week, you should find out ways and means to burn 500 to 1,000 calories each day. Jogging when combined with a healthy diet plan can help you to reach this objective.

Jogging to Lose Weight

Does Jogging Help You Lose Weight?

While there is no doubt that jogging does help burn calories, the amount of calories that you burn will depend on your weight and the speed at which you are running.

To take a few examples, if a person weighing 160 lbs runs for an hour at a rate of 5 miles per hour, then he or she would lose around 584 calories.

Similarly, a 240 pound person would be able to burn around 728 to 872 calories if he does the same amount of running at the same speed as mentioned above. If the speed is increased to 8 miles per hour from 5 miles, then they would burn around 986 and 1,229 calories respectively.

According to the recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine, normal adults should do a minimum of 30 minute jogging sessions or moderate intensity. Or they could go in for 20 minutes of high intensity jogging should their body permit them.

However, for those who are desirous of hastening their weight loss process would be advised to jog for anything between 60 to 90 minutes each day and for all seven days in a week.

Even if jogging is a vigorous activity, many of us may not feel comfortable jogging for more than few minutes at a stretch. However, if you are jogging for the purpose of losing weight, initially you could try alternating between jogging and walking.

Just to state an example, you could run for 2 minutes then walk for 2 minutes and continue doing this for a period of 40 minutes. This certainly will provide you with 20 minutes of intensive jogging and 20 minutes of low intensity walking exercise. You can slowly reduce the walking exercises and replace it with high intensity jogging as you start feeling more comfortable.

Jogging Risks

When you are jogging for the purpose of weight loss, it is quite natural for you to compare this workout with other activities. While jogging is good for weight loss, it is a high impact exercise that is not free from associated risks.

  • There are chances that such high impact exercises could lead to bone injuries and also muscle and joint injuries, because of the repetitive and demanding nature of such activity.
  • Those suffering from joint pain and low back pain could see the problem getting aggravated because of jogging exercises.

If you are really overweight and bordering on obesity, it would be better to try out other workouts such as cycling and swimming till such your weight gets reduced to more manageable limits.  Check out these 6 Tips For Successful Weight-Lifting Workouts


If you are keen on burning more calories during your jogging session, you must try and go in for high inclination jogging by jogging uphill or jogging up on stairs. This is without doubt highly demanding because you must be fighting resistance and surface that is unstable.

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