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Do Protein Shakes Help Weight Loss?

Though there are many claims that protein shakes help in decreasing weight and body weight, it would be wrong to expect miracles by consuming these shakes alone. They cannot be considered as a magic wand for all obesity and overweight problems.

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Do Protein Shakes Help Weight Loss?

At best it could be said that protein shakes could help you in reducing your daily calorie intake, which may be helpful in your weight management program. However, being totally dependent on protein shakes alone may deprive you of other important nutrients that are needed for a healthy body and mind. Since protein has a calorie content of its own, unplanned consumption of the same along with other diets could in fact increase weight rather than reducing it.

An human being needs around 46 to 56 grams of protein per day, depending on his or her weight and general health condition. If you are sure that you are eating a balanced and nutritious diet which includes protein, there should not be any need to take protein shakes separately.


While protein shakes may be necessary for those who do not consume the right quantity of this nutrient in their daily food, making it a daily habit may not be necessary. At the end of the day losing weight has got to do more with burning of calories rather than just depending on protein shake alone.

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