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Colovexus Set – Detox Cleanse

Colovexus Set – Detox Cleanse

Detoxing Your Body and Helping You Feel Healthier

Colon Cleanse Weight Loss Product


  • 14 Proven Colon Cleansing Ingredients
  • Eliminates Parasites and Other Bacteria
  • Detoxifies Your Colon
  • Purifies Vital Organs
  • Prevents Toxic Build Up

Step 1 – Advanced Colon Cleanser

Colovexus was produced as the most effective colon facial cleanser for weight management with a 100% natural colon cleansing formula designed with 9 Patented & Trademarked Colon Cleaning Active ingredients.

The first stage of Colovexus contains the most effective colon facial cleansers formula that supplies effective colon purifying results while being mild on your digestion system.

Dr. Natura Colonix Advanced Internal Cleansing Program

By applying better colon cleaning active ingredients offered, Colovexus will aid do away with 97 % of the waste and toxins stuck in your colon.

This powerful combination of ingredients makes Colovexus stand out as the best colon cleanser for weight loss ever available!

Featuring 9 Patented & Trademarked and Proven Ingredients: 

Psyllium, Oatvantage, Viscofiber, Corowise, Litesse, Fibersol-2, Probiotics Hardistrain, VitaVeggie, VitaBerry and Linumlife, past customers have had up to 20 pounds harmful wastes and by products flushed from their system.
Step 2 – Advanced Body Purifier

Colovexus’s 2nd stage is a physical body purifier that truly makes Colovexus the finest colon cleanser you could discover. It’s powerful, yet risk-free as the best colon cleanser.

With 25 precisely measured detoxifiers, purifiers, and replenishers, Colovexus Body Purifier will help cleanse vital organs, purify your body, and replenish vital vitamins and nutrients stripped away by the powerful Stage 1 cleanser.

It is the perfect way to eliminate toxins and bring a healthy balance back into your body. It’s powerful, yet safe as the best colon cleanser.

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