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Can Vegetarian Diet Help You to Lose Weight?

There is wrong perception and belief that going in for an all vegetarian diet will result in dramatic or radical weight loss. However, there is a generally accepted and documented proof which suggests that men, women and children who are on a vegetarian diet are comparatively leaner when compared to their non-vegetarian counterparts.

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This is because vegetarian diet has less amount of saturated fat and since the emphasis is more on vegetables, fruits, whole grains and proteins that are derived from plants, they are not very calorie-rich or fat-rich.

But as mentioned above, it would be wrong to assume that a vegetarian diet is by default a low-calorie one. You will certainly put on weight if your meal sizes are big or if you add too many high calorie food items on a regular basis. A few examples are fried items, beverages that are sweetened excessively, desserts and snack foods. Many so called vegetarian items such as hot dogs, snack bars, soy cheese and beans that are refried are high on the calorie list.


At the end of the day managing weight and living a healthy life is the same both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Controlled diet coupled with regular exercises are the corner stone for maintain optimal body weight.

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