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Can Diuretics Reduce & Prevent Water Retention?

There are a number of herbs and dietary supplements such as ginger, juniper, and dandelion which are known to posses good diuretic effects and they can play a significant role in reducing the problem of water retention. However, as is the case with other supplements, drugs and medicines, it is very important to exercise proper care and caution before moving forward.

Natural Diuretics

Can Diuretics Reduce & Prevent Water Retention?

You have to understand first the reasons for water retention which could be caused by different medical conditions and also because of some drugs and medications. So before going in for self-treatment it is very important to find out the actual cause of water retention by consulting your doctor.

You should also be aware that taking herbs and supplements indiscriminately without doctor’s advice can actually worsen the problem rather than improving it.

Theoretically natural diuretics and perhaps play a role in relieving water retention by making the person urinate more number of time. However, the actual diuretic effects have not been proven and certainly for those who are looking at long term weight loss, natural diuretics will not certainly help.

On the other hand, you may be in a position to manage water retention more efficiently by going in for some simple life style changes. Simple changes like cutting down on salts and sodium intake can really make a big difference.


If your objective of losing water is aimed at reducing your weight, you should rather go in for a better and healthier diet coupled with a good exercise regimen. Merely taking diuretics may not be the solution for losing weight. It could on the other hand prove counter productive and detrimental to your main objective.

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