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Best Low Carb Vegetarian Foods!

Any low carb diet that is suggested by experts almost certainly contains meat. But since vegetarians do not eat meat or fish, an alternative food plan must be found which will fit in the scheme of things as far as a good low-carb diet is concerned. Before going in for a low-carb vegetarian diet, it is important to speak to your doctors and seek his or her advice. This will certainly make them feel comfortable and will ensure that the diet consists of all the important nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Let us over the next few lines have a look at al the good low-carb vegetarian diets.

Best Low Carb Vegetarian Foods!

Low Carb Vegetarian Foods


Tofu is a very viable alternative for meat that is low carb. It can certainly replace carbohydrate rich items such as beans or legumes. A 3 Oz serving of tofu contains only 2 grams of carbohydrates. Since tofu has the capability of soaking up flavors quite well, it can be used for making many tasty and palatable dishes. Tofu can also be mixed with sugar and chocolate to come out with low carb chocolate dessert item

Dairy products

Dairy products are also good low carb diets provide they are low on carbohydrates and fatty substances. Many vegans go in for dairy based products in place of soy based products which are also good low-carb diet items. Low fat yogurt can also be thought about since 1 cup of this food items has only 17 g of carbohydrates. While eggs and butter could be given, many people stay away from it because of their being rich in fat and cholesterol. Any low carb, vegetarian item should be also supplemented with dairy products because it helps to give the person the right amount of nutrients. Read more about these 15 Foods that Helps You to Lose Weight!


While many people stay away from eggs because of the yoke, there is no denying the fact that the white of the egg is a rich source of protein. It is therefore important to understand the need to add as many eggs as possible. You can use the eggs in various ways to make them tasty and much sought after. The yellow of the eggs is rich in saturated fats and cholesterol and hence they are best avoided or limited to just 1 per day.


Vegetables that are free from starch are something that could form a good part of low carb, vegetarian diets. They are also rich in minerals and vitamins and vegetables likes cauliflower, peppers, mushrooms, greens and onions help in providing the body with important nutrients. They do so without taxing your body with more unhealthy carbohydrates. Cauliflower has only 5 g of carbohydrates, while spinach has around 1g. Red pepper has 9g of carbohydrates, while mushrooms and onions have 2g and 15 g respectively

Berries and Nuts

Berries and nuts are also very good low-carb and total vegetarian food items. However, it would be better to stay away from fruits that are high in carbohydrates. A few such examples are banana, mango, etc. A well chosen low carb vegetarian diet consisting of vegetables and fruits can certainly be very helpful. In the same light nuts are also considered excellent sources of low carb diets that are also rich in vitamins, minerals and other antioxidants.


While there is no doubt that low carb vegetarian foods are very useful in managing weight, it is important to be sure that you do not consume too much of fat and cholesterol in the garb of going in for low-carb vegetarian foods. Check out these 15 Top Fat Burning Foods!

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