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B12 Injections And Weight Loss

Can Vitamin B-12 Injections Help You to Lose Weight?

To put it frankly, there is NO foolproof evidence to suggest that vitamin B-12 injections have a significant role to play in weight loss. First and foremost we have to understand the fact that Vitamin B-12 is a water soluble vitamin. It occurs naturally in a number of food items such as meat, dairy products and fish. It is also possible to synthetically manufacture B-12 in a laboratory.

It is quite common to see this vitamin being added to some food and also being made available in the form of dietary supplement either in the form of a tablet or injection. It is a very common vitamin that is prescribed to patients suffering from pernicious anemia and deficiency of B-12 vitamins.

Weight Loss and Vitamin B12However, there are a number of weight loss clinics which often prescribe B-12 injections as an overall weight management and weight loss programs. These people have a strong belief that vitamin B-12 has a major role to increase energy levels by increasing our metabolism rates. This in turn helps you to burn away unwanted fats in various parts of the body.

However, these B-12 dosages are given only to people who are known to suffer from deficiency of this vitamin. But all said and done, there is very little evidence to proof that B-12 injection can help in increasing energy levels. However, even large doses of B-12 injections may not cause any big damage to your body because the excess vitamin is excreted by the body. However, when you are on some other medications, vitamin B-12 can play an interfering role. So, you should inform your doctor that you are on B-12 injections if you are taking some other medications.

In fine, it would not be prudent just to depend on B-12 for weight loss. You should understand that there is no quick fix solution for weight loss and following a good diet pattern coupled with good exercises are the best way to reduce weight. However, if you are suffering from B-12 deficiency, it would be better to take food items rich in this vitamin instead of going in for B-12 injections.



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