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Acupuncture to Lose Weight!

Chinese Acupuncture is playing a big role in helping people to lose weight fast and naturally. Though for generations acupuncture was better known for curing various types of ailments and for pain management, many Western medicine experts are now using it quite often to manage vomiting and nausea, for treating high blood pressure and most importantly for weight loss.

Weight Loss Acupuncture

Acupuncture to Lose Weight!

When fine needles are very delicately inserted into the skin it certainly help in restoring flow of energy to the right places along “chee” which is also referred to as life force. However, before delving more into it we have to understand the fact that people put on weight because of various reasons including imbalances in the hormone, impaired or reduced metabolism, poor nutrition, binge eating and lifestyle that affords very little scope for exercising and so on.

However, we have to understand the fact that acupuncture as a method for losing weight has to be treated as a multi pronged strategy and cannot be looked at in isolation.

Why Acupuncture is Effective in Weight Loss?

The main reason why acupuncture is effective in weight management may be because it has the ability to influence and target hormones that help in overweight and obesity problems.

Regular treatment with acupuncture plays a big role in controlling the secretion of a hormone called ghrelin, which helps in meal initiation. It also helps regulate leptin, which helps in storage of fat and in regulating metabolism.

The basic philosophy which helps acupuncture to become so successful is because it helps in many ways. It helps in reducing appetite, reduces craving for food, increases metabolism activity, and improves overall digestion.

Last but not the least it helps in regulating the secretion of obesity related hormones. It also plays a big role in efficient usage of the various nutrients. It improve the functioning of liver which has a big role in improving digestion, breaking down of fats and also in proper processing of nutrients.

Acupuncture Points & Tips

There are four acupuncture points that are targeted during this activity and they are:

  • ear – the hunger point
  • stomach point
  • endocrine point
  • Shen Men point

A few small needles that are sterilized are inserted in these Qi channels with the main objective of reducing heat. This helps in triggering the release of hormones and neurochemcials which help in controlling hunger pangs.

It is common to keep the needles covered with tape and leave them for a few days so that the full effect of the treatment could be felt. These needles are removed subsequently during the next visits to the doctors who performs this acupuncture task. Many practitioners also ask patients to wear ear seeds which helps in allowing them to massage regularly with the intention of controlling difficult urges.

It is however very important to choose a qualified acupuncture practitioner who should have the required license and ideally the doctor should have the words L.Ac following his name. L.Ac stands for Licensed Acupuncturist. It is also important for you to understand the importance of completing the whole treatment and it should be spread over a few weeks and should ideally have 10 treatments.


It is very important not to confuse treatments. If you are in doubt it would always be better to take the help and advice of the doctors and last but not the least it would be dangerous to do these treatments on your own. Apart from risking injury, you could also end up having some unwanted side effects which could prove counter productive. You could take the help an assistance of the internet to gather more information about acupuncture and weight loss.

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