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7 Weight Loss Drinks That Work!

There are a number of naturally available liquid diets that can play a big role in reducing weight naturally. Find bellow 7 drinks which can help you to lose weight fast!

7 Weight Loss Drinks That Work!

Ice Cold Water

Drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of ice cold water can help you to burn 250 to 500 calories per day. This happens because your body has to burn calories to make the ice cold water hot and bring it back to your body temperature. Hence this is considered a wonderfully naturally way of getting rid of excess calories around your abdomen, shoulders, thighs and other place. There are people who have lost around 1 lb of weight per week through this weight losing technique.

Weight LossCoconut Water

Coconut water because of its rich content of electrolytes helps you to naturally increase your metabolism. It increases energy levels and makes you work much harder during your workout.

Fat Free Milk

Drinking fat free milk can also play a big role in reducing weight naturally. This is because milk is rich in calcium. Studies have shown that calcium can play a big role in breaking down fat cells.

However, this does not necessarily mean that you have to gulp down 7 to 8 glasses of milk each day. Drinking moderate quantities of milk is enough to manage your weight quite efficiently.

But you have to be careful to see that you do not drink milk that is rich in fat. Though exact figures are not available, people who have used milk in regular quantities are around 30% to 70% less in weight when compared to those who do not drink milk.


There are some other drinks which can help you to cut down of calories. Yoghurt based smoothies will help to kill appetite and it is also a rich source of calcium about which we have discussed above. People have known to lose 80% of their calories by making yoghurt a regular habit. Greek Yoghurt added to whey protein and fruit can really work wonders.

Green Tea

Green teas can also be very useful in helping people to reduce weight. People who make it a habit to drink 3 to 5 cups of green tea everyday are known to have lost around 35 to 43% fat over a period of time.

Vegetable Juice

Next on the line is making it a habit to drink vegetable juice regularly. One glass of vegetable juice before meals helps you to eat around 135 calories less. This is based on a study done at Penn Statue University. If you are not able to make juice regularly, drinking two to three glasses of water before meals can also do the trick.

Whey Protein

As per the findings of a recent study conducted, people who are in the habit of eating whey protein regularly in the form of liquid were known to eat much less calories. In fact according to these studies drinking casein or whey 90 minutes before lunch or dinner can cut down on calorie intake quite significantly.


While there is no doubt that natural drinks can help to manage weight efficiently, adding workouts and moderation in food habits can bring in even more radical results.

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