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5 Quick Tips to Lose Weight Fast and Naturally!

A whole lot of people have attempted to lose weight. Some of them have made sustained efforts while others have given up after making several failed attempts. The weight-loss scenario can be a depressing one. But you need not fret about it. You are simply one of many who have made efforts to lose weight and have failed.

Tips to Lose Weight Safe and FastWhat we all require is a thrust in the proper direction. That’s what I did to myself. So I won’t be selfish.  I will share my secret with you. I don’t wish to be the only person with that fantastic and fabulous feeling! So here are my 4 best secrets to get that incredible bikini body…

The three chief errors that people make in their attempt to shed weight are:

1. People consume more calories than they work off.

2. People don’t make use of a diet-exercise combination.

3. People do not set aims.

People consume more calories that they work off. Right? Wrong! The number of people who don’t realize this is astonishing! Ponder about it: if you don’t burn more calories than the amount you consume, then how can you expect to drop weight? The answer is, if you do not burn away more calories than you eat, expect your calorie count to just go up and up. As the amount of calories gather up you will put on weight.

So the bottom line is: eat as many calories as you wish but in a reasonable way, but remember to them burn them all off. Then you will shed weight.

Tip 1 – Food Diary

Maintain a diary of your food habits. In that way it is far more easy to have a control over the amount of food you consume and also to keep track of what you are eating and then put it down on paper. This will become your blueprint for the commencement of your astonishing journey.

When you can actually see the kinds of food you are eating, you can then know which foods to reduce – and not stop eating them completely. After all we are only human and we need to gorge once in a while. But that doesn’t mean that you eat up the entire packet of cookies. If you do that, all your efforts will go in vain. The same goes for foods that are processed as well as fried stuff. Have these treats once in a while only.

When you keep your food diary you will know what foods you have to include in your diet. These include vegetables and fresh fruit which have to be included in your diet. If you don’t have these, you will be unable to get the wellness that you require to not just shed weight, but to also have a healthy life.

Include beans and pulses in your food for they contain vitamins as well as and minerals. Milk that is low in fat is great for healthy bones which you will need for those workouts of yours.  Drink plenty of water – up to 10 glasses a day. Water is the best refreshment and it also washes away the toxins from the body. It’s also free!

Tip 2 – Friend in Need

Bring into your program a friend who is into weight loss too. Write your food diaries together. That person can then keep an eye on what you consume. It will all be very motivational. You can speak to that friend when you are having a bad day; you can play a game together. If you have a bad day with the food, ask the friend to give you a short workout to make up for that lapse.

Remember it works both ways, so it can be good for both of you. To prove that you are truly a genuine weight-loss pal, you could both do the extra exercise together. That will result in helping each other out and motivating each other too.

Having taken that first giant step, the rest of the program is easy.

Tip 3 – Exercise is Must

It isn’t just the diet that is important. It must be a good mix of eating and exercising. People feel that if the food is right, then that’s all they need to do to drop that flab. But only eating right won’t necessarily lead to weight loss. If you don’t exercise your body will not get toned; your stomach will start to sag; the same happens to your arms. In short, the entire gain of dropping weight will evade you.

Now the point is: how much to exercise?

  • For adults some 30 minutes or even 40 minutes of moderate workouts should suffice – moderate means you must break out a sweat! This must be done 5 times weekly. You can even spread the exercise regimen out. Don’t do the 30 minutes or the 40 minutes at one shot. Break it up in segments of say, 10-10 minutes each, for example. You can make your own schedule, depending on your daily work routine.
  • If you are obese, or you sorely need to lose weight due to a medical condition, then increase your exercise regimen to 45 minutes and even go up to 60 minutes, five times weekly.

How to Exercise?

  • Use the steps and avoid the elevator or the escalator when at work, or when shopping. This will tone you up at once. Do these two times daily, at least.
  • Don’t use your car when going to work. Walk all the way. You will get fresh air to breathe, you will get valuable exercise and will you help the environment. If your office is too far away for you to walk there, use the bus and get out a few stops before your workplace and start walking.
  • Make an exercise plan written out and stick it to your fridge with your food journal. If you fail to keep your food plan then you will know what exercise you will need to do to get back into shape.

Tip 4 – Set Your Goals

 They are an important part of the weight-loss recipe. You will not want to under-work and, more importantly, you will not want to over-work too. Over-working may lead to doing yourself harm. Don’t make impracticable goals. If your goals are impossible to keep you will feel that you are a loser. Then there’s a good chance of your stopping completely your bid to drop weight. You may even exchange the diet-exercise plan with tablets that promise you weight loss.

Anyway, who wants to be dependent on tablets? Set goals that you can achieve easily. Then after some months into your weight-loss plan, you can even raise the bar with regard to your targets.

Make your goals personalized:

Check up your weight and ponder about it. Ask yourself how much of the time that you have to spare you can dedicate to your health matters and to your fitness plans.

Set achievable goals:

Your aim should be – losing some one to two pounds every week. Losing the first one or the first two pounds will prove to be easy because your body is getting the correct exercise and you are eating the right foods. Though the initial loss in weight could happen easily, don’t make two pounds as your target at that point for your body is still getting used to shedding weight. Your aim should be — 10% loss of the weight of your body. Try to shed more flab and you will only get disappointed.

Your goals must be both short and long ones:

Exercise regularly or eat healthy can be called short term goals. Long term ones could be – shed 30 pounds. These goals are generally more motivating than short ones.

Choose your starting date:

Choose the date you would want to start your plan — and maintain it. Naturally you will have to keep in mind your other activities, including the demands of your job, your holidays and so on. Anyway, fix the dates when you do not have any other commitments.

Write it all down:

Always remember to write down your food and exercise plans. Visual aids help in your weight-loss plan, scientific evidence shows. If you cannot fulfill your goals, don’t set them too high. If you find that they are tough to achieve, then adjust accordingly.

Tip 5 – Be Positive!

Now that you have understood the significance a weight-loss program you will look at it with an entirely positive attitude. The fact is, most people are just not aware of the fundamental rules of the weight-loss plan which are: A) Burn away more calories than you eat. B) A good mix of exercise and eating habits is a must. C) Set your goals.

Now that you have got these basic rules you must follow, you will find it easy to slip into that gorgeous outfit that has been lying in your closet ever since you had bought it. So shed all that flab and see yourself as new person who you never even knew existed.

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