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4 Best Weight Loss Exercises for You!

When we categorize weight loss exercises under the category of best workouts, there are some basic things that we have in mind. Such exercises apart from having the capability for burning fat must also be motivating and attractive for the person who is going through them.

Fast Weight Loss Exercises

4 Best Weight Loss Exercises for You!

Whenever more calories are burnt in each exercise session, this certainly will also result in higher caloric expenditure when compared to caloric intake. At the end of the day the calorie expended should be more than the calorie consumed, if you wish to lose weight. The best way to expend calories is by regular exercise about which we will discuss over the next few lines.

Weight Loss Exercise – Cycling

Cycling is considered a very good weight loss exercise that can burn 750 calories per hours if you are doing it at a moderate pace. You can gradually increase the pace of calories burnt by increasing the pace of cycling as we move ahead with time and experience.

Cycling is highly recommended because it does not become monotonous because you can change routes and get to know more about the local population. You can make the cycling exercises tougher by burning up elevated inclinations such as hills and other such places. All weight loss exercises are indeed very emotive and hence the individual should be motivated to do this exercise.

Weight Loss Exercise – Running

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Running is also considered a complete cardio and aerobic exercise and it can be done without any expenses whatsoever. All you require is a good pair of running shoes. You can either run in the streets of your town.

Good running exercises done for a period of 60 minutes at the rate of 8 miles per hours should be enough to get rid of 980 calories. Trail running or running in high inclinations can improve the efficiency levels almost by 10 to 15%.

Weight Loss Exercise – Rollerblading

Rollerblading can help you reduce 900 calories per hour if done regularly. However, it is not an easy exercise to master. Apart from helping you in reducing weight loss, it will also help in better coordination and balance. It is a low impact activity and hence will not cause much damage to joints, knees and other such parts of the body.

Weight Loss Exercise – Stair Climbing

Stair climbing is also a great way to burn those excess calories. The best thing about stair climbing is that apart from burning calories you can also become flexible, fast and reach high levels of focus in whatever you do. You can burn as much as 650 calories through such workouts.


At the end of the day, though there are quite a number of such weight loss exercises, you should talk it over with your personal doctor before going in for them.

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