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15 Foods that Helps You to Lose Weight!

Many of us would not be aware of the fact that Americans spend around $30 billion each year on the various weight reduction products and the irony is that quite a few of them never work. So a better approach would be to make changes to your food habit rather than spending thousands of dollars on these slim-down products. Given below are a list of 15 food items which apart from helping you to fight hunger can also improve your metabolism and eventually assist you in losing those extra pounds. They also come with a lot of other health benefits too. Try these 7 Weight Loss Drinks!

Lose Weight Foods

15 Foods that Helps You to Lose Weight


1. Replacing bagels with eggs according to many studies could help persons to fight hunger for a longer period of time. Women who took two scrambled eggs with a low calorie fruit spread were known to feel much less hungry over the next 36 years. Eggs being rich in protein can also help in fighting increased levels of blood sugar.


2. Beans are known to be a natural occurring source of cholecystokinin, which according to many health experts is a naturally hunger and appetite suppressant. People who were made to eat higher quantities of beans were known to have higher levels of cholecystokinin in their stomach which prevented them from having pangs of hunger and craving for food. These people were previously eating rice and dry milk which were low fiber food items. Additionally regular eating of beans will also help in fighting blood sugar and better heart health.


3. Salad. Before starting your meal, if you develop the habit of having a large salad without the creamy dressing you certainly can control your calorie intake quite significantly. 42 women who went through this routine in Penn State University were surprised when their food consumption fell by almost 12%, even though they were offered whatever quantities that they wanted.

The sheer volume of salad plays a big role in suppressing hunger and craving for food. Regular eating of salad before meal also meant higher levels of Vitamin C and E and other important nutrients like carotenoids and lycopene apart from folic acid. All these play a big role in increasing immunity and disease fighting capabilities.

Green Tea

4. Green tea is also known to help people in their efforts to shed weight, which caffeine doesn’t do. Green tea is a rich source of an antioxidant called catechins which play a big role in enhancing metabolism levels and faster burning of fat.

This has been proved beyond doubt by a study conducted by a Japanese institute on 35 men. These people reported a big drop in their body mass index, apart from increased metabolism levels. The health benefits that came free included lower levels of LDL cholesterol.


5. Pears are known to be rich in fiber which is the result of a corrected calculation that has come out from the U.S. FDA. Eating a six gram pear not only makes you feel filled up, but the presence of a fiber element called pectin also plays a big role in decreasing blood sugar levels thereby preventing the need for binge eating. A Brazilian study conducted on overweight women has confirmed this fact.


6. Soup is also perceived by our brain as a highly filling good item and is often equivalent to that of a chicken. This has been confirmed by a study conducted by Purdue University on 18 women and 13 men.

Lean Beef

7. Lean beef can indeed work magic for those who are keen on shedding extra pounds. This is because of the presence of an amino acid called leucine which is abundantly available in food items such as fish and meat. It is also available in dairy products. It helps in targeting fats while keeping calorie burning muscles intact. This has been confirmed by the University of Illinois after experimenting it on 24 overweight persons. Those who ate around 9 to 10 ounces of lean fat daily which is equivalent to 1700 calories helped these women to lose more weight when compared to their previous eating habits.

Olive Oil

8. Olive oil is also considered a very good option for all those middle aged person willing to shed extra pounds. 12 overweight women between the ages 57 to 73 were given a breakfast of cereal dressed with cream and skimmed milk. They were also asked to half an ounce of olive oil. Apart from helping reduce weight it also aided in higher metabolism.


9. Grapefruit (just a half of it) taken before meals or by taking it in the form of juice thrice a day helped overweight people to shed more than 3 pounds in just 12 weeks. This is because of the phytochemicals present in grapefruit which helps in reducing insulin levels which could help convert calories into energy instead of excess fat.


10. Cinnamon taken along with microwave oatmeal or with whole grain toast helps a lot in reducing the drop in sugar levels during mid afternoons. This fact has been corroborated by research and studies by Department of Agriculture. This is because it helps reduce insulin production which results in increased hunger pangs. It also helps in reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels and also is very effective in treating type 2 diabetes.


11. Vinegar is a great filler which can help in making overweight people feel a bit fuller.


12. Tofu though looks very light to be considered as a filling dish, works well on overweight women and men and this has been proved by studies conducted on 42 women who were overweight.

Nuts, High Fiber Cereals & Hot Red Pepper

The last three food items in the list are nuts, high fiber cereals and hot red pepper. While nuts are called as fattening agents is known actually to help people to lose weight provided it is taken in moderation. Since it is very filling, it helps people to cut down on other food. The same is the case with high fiber cereals. Hot Red Pepper when added to breakfast helps in reducing appetite probably because of an ingredient called capsaicin, which helps reduce hide appetite.


Eating healthy food is the key to maintaining good health and living a long life!

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