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15 Fat Burning Foods for Women!

I am sure that you know that fiber is the key of weight loss success. It keeps you satisfied throughout the day — and  of course, away from the fridge. This is why we selected here the best 15 fat burning foods for women!

Fat Burning Foods

15 Fat Burning Foods for Women!

They build muscle and promote rapid fat burning! Check out also these Foods for Weight Loss!

1. Dairy products – Fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt or cheese help to build strong bones and  fire up weight loss!

2.Eggs – help to build muscle and burn fat

3. Turkey and other lean meats – help to build muscle and strengthen immune system

4.Fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel) – trigger fullness and fire up fat burning!

5. Enova oil (soy and canola oil) – promotes fullness, not easily stored as fat

6. Berries – prevent cravings, improve satiety and help to cleanse the colon and spur weight loss

7. Grapefruits – regulates blood sugar and metabolism; be sure to eat the fleshy white membranes

8. Almonds and other nuts – helps you to eat less by reducing cravings and helps to build muscle

9. Peanut butter – helps to build muscle and burn fat

10. Green tea – fires up fat burning

11. Chili peppers – spikes metabolism

12. Spinach and green vegetables – fight free radicals and improve recovery for better muscle building

13. Whole grains ( brown rice, quinoa, whole grain cereal) – prevent body from storing fat

14. Beans and legumes – helps to burn fat, build muscle and also regulate digestion

15. Whey – builds muscle, burns fat


The list of fat burning foods for women mentioned above deserve to be introduced into your diet plan, but in the same time you should remember that exercise plays an important role in fat burning. So eat healthy and exercise daily to get in shape fast! Good luck!

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