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Vegan Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Though there is no doubt that a well planned vegan diet helps you lose weight fast and naturally. Also a good vegetarian diet plan has a lot of healthy and weight conscious food choices, the parameters that are followed in it may not prevent you from eating junk food in the same manner as is done by an average meat eater.

Vegan Diet Plan

Vegan Diet Plan For Weight Loss

If you are a vegan and are keen about shedding those extra inches of flab, it is very important for you to avoid junk foods and unhealthy snacks and go in for nutritious foods instead.


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Carbohydrates are important source of nutrition and therefore it would not be right to cut back on this source of energy with the objective of losing weight. However, you need to exercise care and caution and choose the right carbs. Eating six servings of grain on a restricted diet of 1,500 calories could help you to lose around 1 pound per week.

Choosing the right grain is important and you should try and include oatmeal, high fiber breakfast cereals, brown rice and whole grain bread. Apart from being rich in vitamins and minerals these whole grains are also very rich in fiber.

Vitamins and Minerals

The most common problem faced by people who are on vegan diet is the lack of the required vitamins and minerals, especially iron, calcium, Vitamins such as B12 and Vitamin D.

However, if you go in for breakfast cereals that are fortified you can meet most of the needs as far as vitamins and minerals are concerned. 2.5 cups of Cheerios can provide you with all the iron, calcium and Vitamin B12 that you need each day. It also provides you 50% of the protein that is required by your body. Vitamin D occurs naturally only in milk and fish. Hence, many health experts advise taking of Vitamins D supplements if you are a vegan.

Fruits and Vegetables

A good vegan diet when you have a goal of 1,500 calories per day should include three servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables. Citrus and strawberries are considered good choices because they help in better absorption of iron in the bloodstream.

Dried fruits such as apricots, prunes and raisins also contain iron. Mustard greens, collard greens and bok choy also are rich sources of calcium and turnip greens which are rich both in iron and calcium.


The normal requirement of protein on a daily basis for men and women is around six ounces but the actual serving size would depend on the type of protein. While the serving size of kidney beans is 1/2 a cup when it comes to almonds it is 28 nuts or a large handful. While Tofu and soy products are rich in protein there are some soy meats that are rich in fat too and should be avoided. You could try and go in for uncooked lentils that are mostly fat free. Balancing your protein choices is very important when you are choosing the right vegan diet.

Calcium and Iron

Vegans need more iron than meat eaters because iron gets absorbed less efficiently when it is derived from plant sources. Further as a vegan you would also require two to three servings of calcium and this would go up to four servings if you are under 18 or over 60. You should ensure that you get a daily dosage of around 1000 to 1500 milligrams of calcium.


Choosing snacks carefully is also very important and for about 265 calories when you go in for soy yoghurt you get your daily needs of calcium, potassium, manganese and Vitamin C. On the other hand apple turnover could give 284 calories but 144 of them would be fat and it provides only very low quantities of protein, iron and fiber.

Though both the choices are vegan, the first option is always better because it helps you to get the required quantities of minerals and vitamins compared to the second option. Hence the need to choose the right vegan snacks is also very important to say the least.

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