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Healthy Vegetarian Diet Plan for 7 Days!

It would be wrong to assume that a meat-free diet alone would be enough to make a person shed weight and become lean and fit. Instead it would be better to go in for a well structured and well thought out 7-day vegetarian diet plan which certainly will help more than anything else as far as weight management is concerned.

There are a number of options given from which you can pick and choose to meet your daily quota of around 1400 calories. These dishes include simple and complex ones to suit individual tastes and preferences. It also has some generous allowances to help you lead a near normal life as far as your eating habits are concerned. It allows for 2 glasses of wine a week, one 48g chocolate bar, 70 g slice of cake. Each one has its own calorie count which has been factored in while devising this 7-day vegetarian plan.

Healthy Vegetarian Diet Plan for 7 Days!

Now let us look at the individual meals starting from Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks and find out how varied and how easy it is to choose the right combination. Each of the below mentioned combinations should include one glass of fruit juice.

Breakfast Vegetarian Diet Plan Options

  •  Baked beans along with grilled mushrooms and grilled tomatoes followed by a pot of yoghurt and stewed pruned. The total calorie count will be around 560 calories.
  • A serving of baked summer fruits which should be served with a pot of low fat fromage frais. This should be followed by a slice of Ryvita sesame which could be topped with apple and lemon curd. The fruits should consist of raspberries, peach, strawberries and blackberries. They should be baked in a slow over for around 30 minutes.
  •  You could also opt for a bowl of Weetaflakes, which can be topped with a bit of raisins and skimmed milk of around 125 ml. This could be followed by a banana and also a strawberry smoothie. You could use around 250 ml of cold skimmed milk to make this smoothie. You could chop the banana in a blender when you are making this smoothie.
  • A bowl containing 30g tropical muesli (unsweetened) along with 125 ml skimmed milk could be chosen. This could be followed by multigrain rye crispbread (1 slice) which can be topped with around 30g of fresh sliced pineapple and cottage cheese (reduced fat)
  • You could also choose instant porridge topped with fresh strawberries, coupled with salad made from banana, fig, melon with ginger that is crystallized. Total calorie count would be around 370 with 2.5 g fat.
  • You could try out a combination of 2 wholemeal slices of bread with reduced-fat cottage cheese of around 30g. You could also add canned pineapple chunks of 40g. This can be followed by crunchy tropical fruit salad consisting of papaya, kiwi fruit, pineapple and passion fruit. You can top it with 15g unsweetened muesli, which could be lightly toasted for 5 minutes. Total Calorie would be around 288 units.
  • You may try also instant porridge (made with 1/4 pint skimmed milk) topped with 60g fresh chopped strawberries, followed by a bowl of fig, melon and banana salad with crystallised ginger Total Calorie 307 units with 2.5g fat.

Lunch Vegetarian Diet Plan Options

  • Brown rice salad with chickpeas (50g canned chickpeas, 100g canned tomatoes, 1tsp Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, a dash of Tabasco, 30g onion, 1/2 clove garlic, 200g boiled brown rice and 1tbsp fresh basil)This recipe has  376cals, 4.3g fat
  • Another option is 1 bowl (250g) of canned potato and leek soup with 80g French bread. This recipe has 346cals, 8.9g fat
  • This recipe may also be a good option, 100g baked tofu burger served with 120g baked yam, 120g tomato and onion salad with 7g fat free dressing . Ingredients: 350g firm tofu, 1 medium onion, chopped, 45g chopped leeks, 75g rolled oats, 20ml soya sauce, 25g breadcrumbs, handful of coriander leaves, chopped. Mix all, add salt and pepper, shape into burger shapes and bake at 180C/350F/gas mark 4 for 20 minutes. This recipe has 408cals,10g fat
  • You may opt also for 1 portion of rice noodles with Quorn, followed by 100g mixed fruit salad. For the noodles, add 270g cooked rice noodles to 300ml miso-flavoured stock and garnish with 90g Quorn fillets, shredded, 110g pak choi, 60g sliced carrots and 10g sliced spring onions. This recipe has 363cals, 5.5g fat
  • Give a try also to 1 serving of pea and pumpkin curry with 175g steamed Thai fragrant rice.This recipe has 392cals, 7.5g fat
  • For pasta lovers: 150g boiled wholemeal spaghetti, served with 85g tomato and garlic pasta sauce and 15g parmesan cheese, followed by a small serving (100g) of canned rice pudding topped with 30g fresh strawberries. This recipe has only 377cals, 10g fat
  • If you love soup this option is for you: 1 bowl (300g) canned lentil soup, followed by 1 plain toasted bagel (70g) filled with 30g hummus and 40g grated carrots.This soup recipe has 352cals, 5.8g fat

Dinner Vegetarian Diet Plan Options

Dinner could be any one of the following accompanied with a piece of fruit. All the dishes would be of around 580 to 590 calories.

  • You could go in for fennel, lemon risotto, and beetroot along with aubergine salad. The quantity should be 1 piece of the above vegetables with 1 portion of grilled aubergine salad.
  • Ratatouille and baked potato could be tried out. The serving should be of 1 portion of Romanian Ratatouille along with one 180g baked potato.
  • Carrot and orange soup along with broccoli flan could be tried out. Carrot should be around 300g which should be followed by 1 slice of around 120g of whole meal broccoli flan. This could be served with a baked yam and a portion of green vegetable medley. The carrots should be boiled in water and you could add 1 onion, orange juice, coriander leaves, salt and pepper to taste.
  •  You could also try out vegetable moussaka combined with dessert made from yoghurt. You could also add 125 g of stewed prunes to make it tasty. For making moussaka you would need 500g aubergines, corn oil, onions, garlic, 225g of mushrooms (chopped) red split lentils, basil leaves that are torn, bay leaves, tomato puree of around 25g sliced tomato of around 250g boiled potatoes of around 500g, white sauce of 500g made with low fat skimmed milk, 15g mature cheddar cheese that is grated and 2 small eggs.
  • Quorn Korma and rice which should be made from 250g of Quorn Korma added to 1 portion 180g of boiled basmati rice. You could also add cucumber and tomato of around 145g.
  • Beanburger pitta pocket consisting of 180g of grilled bean burger which should be served inside large pitta bread (wholemeal). It should be stuffed with mixed salad leaves. You can also top it with low fat Greek Yoghurt and add a bit of lime juice to make it flavored.
  • You could also try chickpea curry along with salad and all you need is 280g of chickpea curry which should be served with 2 chapattis. Green salad dressed in low fat yoghurt can add a lot of taste and flavor to it.

Snacks Vegetarian Diet Plan Options

Snacks (to be taken twice a day)

There are quite a few options to choose from. You could try out bio yoghurt of any flavor. You could add dried fruit of any kind having around 160 calories. Vegetables crudités could also be tried out along with cheese that is low in fat content. Eating lot of fruits is also recommended as healthy snacking habit. You could try banana, mango, or apple. Other eatables that could be considered as healthy snacks are popcorn, malt loaf, breadsticks or even pumpernickel break. Crispbreads and buns could also make good snack items.


There is no doubt that if you wish to move the vegetarian way and ensure that you lose unwanted weight in your body, you have quite a few options to choose from. You should start with particular groups of food patterns, try it out for some time and then move to the next one.

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